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This page is about the subject. For an exhaustive list of monsters, see Category:Monsters.
Monster icon as seen in No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either!.

Monsters (JP: 魔物) are the creatures that the God of Destruction can summon to protect the Overlord from invading heroes.


Monsters can be summoned in various ways, but in general, they will all, in one way or another, from blocks, or in No Heroes Allowed! VR, nests. Uniquely, monsters all have minds of their own and cannot be directly controlled by the God of Destruction. They must be indirectly controlled by their environment, which the God of Destruction can directly influence.

What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!? and related

In the dungeon-based games, monsters are spawned by blocks, which require the soil to be infused with nutrients and/or mana to produce the most basic of monsters required, such as Mosses and Spirits. They will circulate more of it, thus allowing for more powerful monsters to exist. This will, inevitably, form a food chain that must be maintained.

An infographic on Mutation from What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!? 2.

In What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!? 2 onwards, monsters can also mutate into Abnormal Breeds, Giant Breeds, and Rare Breeds based on their conditions. For Abnormal Breeds, it's based on over-predation; for Giant Breeds, it's based on starvation; and for Rare Breeds, each family of monster has a unique condition to fill. If constantly dying in battle, however, they will return to their Basic Breeds. Likewise, Pure Breeds were introduced to balance mutation.

The food chain in No Heroes Allowed!, featuring aquatic monsters.

In No Heroes Allowed!, aquatic monsters were introduced alongside water, wherein they will have their own food chain. These monsters are largely self-sufficient, but can explode in populations with good maintenance. However, they cannot leave water without rapidly depleting their HP. Additionally, the Mandrake family and expansions to the Skeleman family were introduced, giving significant expansion to the potential monsters obtainable from Corpses, as well as the Mimic family, replacing the previous utility of Treasure Chests.

Yu-Nama: The Puzzle and related

In the puzzle games, monsters are spawned from sliding tiles to attack a hero as they progress through a dungeon. While on their screen, they will continually deal damage to the hero, no questions asked. However, they also die very quickly, forcing the God of Destruction to continually pelt them with more monsters. Monsters can be turned into stronger forms via Monster Mixing; this mirrors the mutation system from previous titles.

In No Heroes Allowed! VR

Official artwork of a Slimemoss Nest.

Taking place above ground, monsters in No Heroes Allowed! VR spawn from nests instead of blocks. While their behaviour mirrors the dungeon-based games, they can be further manipulated with the addition of the Netherworld Exterminator Zupreme, which replaces the usual pickaxe. This allows monsters to be sucked up and placed at certain locations, allowing for far more proactive gameplay and manipulation of their behaviours. The Gargoyle family was also introduced to replace the Lady family, and the Mimic family was significantly expanded.

Monster families

Monster families are the class (JP: 分類) of monsters. These families are described with various terms throughout the series; eg. genus, type, and so on. Each type of monster has their own unique set of abilities and positions in the food chain, allowing for a variety of dungeon builds.

Lv. Class
1 Mosses
1 Spirits
(エレメント, "Element")
1 Thunderheads
(ギズモ, "Gizmo")
2 Insects
2 Liliths
2 Aquachnids
(ミズグモ, "Water Spider")
3 Lizardmen
(トカゲ, "Lizard")
3 Hurtles
(アーケロン, "Archelon")
3 Loreleis
3 Ladies
3 Mimics
4 Demons
4 Maras
(じゃしん, "Jashin")
4 Golems
4 Skelemen
(スケルトン, "Skeleton")
4 Homunculi
4 Humanoids
4 Mandrakes
(マンドラゴラ, "Mandragora")
4 Whales
5 Dragons

In other languages

Language Title Meaning
Japanese 魔物
Mandarin Chinese
(Traditional/Simplified Script)
Korean 마물


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