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No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either!, known as Yūsha no Kuse ni Konamaiki da. G (勇者のくせにこなまいきだ。G) in Japan, is a puzzle game from the series released for the PlayStation Vita in Japan on 12th December 2013, using a "Free to Play" model. It was later released in South Korea on 10th April 2014, the United States on 15th April 2014, and in Europe on 16th April 2014.[1] It is an updated version of Yu-Nama: The Puzzle, featuring improved graphics, far more stages, and new features. It follows a similar story to No Heroes Allowed!, but features heroes from across the series. Money can be spent for extra content such as infinite picks and more space for monsters and heroes. The game used to run temporary online events, but service ended in late 2014.

The game was later made available on Android and iOS in January 2019, published by SEAStoriesStudio. It furthermore received a PC port on Steam on 10th June 2019 from the same developer[2] and based on the same engine, priced at £8.50 GBP. It came with a Traditional Chinese translation, under the name Yǒngzhě Yǒudiǎn Tài Xiāozhāng G (勇者有點太嚣张G), a name that similar to fan translations of the original trilogy.


The God of Destruction can break a block to make others fall, or slide a block from the side in before that happens. In the event three or more monster blocks connect, they will be consumed and summoned to fight the hero to the left of the screen, while also leaving a single "levelled up" version of the monsters used. Some of these monster blocks may be enriched with nutrients, which can be picked to "level up" the blocks around them.

The game uses a "Free to Play" model, where the player has a limited amount of pickaxes to access a stage at a given moment. These start at 3 and take 8 hours to recharge. However, a "deep" version can be bought to make this infinite. Each stage uses the Hero Rush format, with multiple heroes entering in sequence; they will find Badman after a set period of time before dragging him out. Defeated heroes are captured and taken to the newly introduced Mine where they work to bring the God of Destruction items to aid in Badman's conquest.

Compared to Yu-Nama: The Puzzle, No Puzzles Either allows for the upgrading of monsters, the ability to enslave heroes caught, and adds Survival Mode and online multiplayer. Additionally, stages are made much shorter in exchange for being far more plentiful, allowing for shorter bursts of play rather than the barrage of heroes featured in the previous game. The Monsterpedia and Heropedia division was also introduced in this title, being an absence in Yu-Nama.


On July 14th, 2014, the Vita release of No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either! received a content update, adding the following to the Japanese version[3]:

  • Survival Mode - An endless Hero Rush format, attempting to survive against random heroes for as long as possible.
  • Time Attack - A challenge to defeat 5 heroes in a limited time.
  • Mine changes - Added the Mining Drill.
  • Acceleration Device - A new Underhand Item that slows the puzzle speed by 70%. Exclusive to Survival Mode and Time Attack, and can only be obtained using the Mining Drill.
  • Time Extend - A new Underhand Item that adds 30 seconds to the Hero Meter. Exclusive to Survival Mode and Time Attack, and can only be obtained using the Mining Drill.


No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either! received mixed reviews, generally favouring the gameplay and presentation. However, the Free to Play model was severely criticised for diluting the experience.

Pushsquare gave it a glowing 8/10[4], citing its tight gameplay, charming presentation, and memorable music as points in its favour. However, the reliance on luck and "regrettable dialogue choices" held it back. TouchArcade gave the mobile version a 4/5[5], citing the humour, gameplay, and visuals as big reasons, praising the way it "seamlessly" combines various genres together, but criticised the large amount of in-app purchases.

USGamer grilled the game[6] for its Free to Play model, citing the 8 hour recharge period for the pickaxes as a significant barrier to gameplay, as well as the extensive upgrade trees for monsters that don't mesh with the difficulty curve of the heroes. At the time, the option to purchase infinite pickaxes was broken, which further soured the rating. The reviewer stated that if it were a $10 game, it would have been a 3.5/5.

The Android version holds a 3/5 rating on the Google Play store.

The Steam port holds mixed reviews, with the main complaint being its poor translation compared to the PlayStation Vita version, with only essential text translated. Players also criticised it for its bugs, crashes, and unresponsive controls—something exclusive to this version—boiling down to criticisms of the title being rushed.



In other languages

Logo Language Title Meaning
NPELogoEN.png English No Heroes Allowed!
NHANPEJPLogo.png Japanese 勇者のくせにこなまいきだ。G
Yūsha no Kuse ni Konamaiki da. G
Even though he's a hero, he's still here. G
NPELogoZH.png Mandarin Chinese
(Traditional Script)
Yǒngzhě yǒudiǎn tài xiāozhāng G
The hero is a little too arrogant. G


  • The English title of the Steam release is internally referred to as "No Heroes Allowed G"
  • In the Steam release files, Japanese and Korean translations exist, but they are impossible to pick without external modifications.
    • Notably, unlike the English and Chinese translations, no title card or headers for locations like the Mine exist for this translation, seemingly being left over from the PlayStation Vita release's, where they were used.
    • Additionally, unused text strings for Boss Attacks and Extra Mode, left over from Yu-Nama: The Puzzle were translated, either by mistake, or with intention to bring back the former.

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