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Badmella, previously known as Daughter (JP: ムスメ), is Badman's daughter. She was first mentioned in What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!?, but was officially introduced in What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!? 2's A Day Without A Badman. Like her father, she doesn't do much other than assist the God of Destruction — who she nicknames "pickaxe" — by giving advice. In No Heroes Allowed! VR, she is voiced by Ami Koshimizu in the Japanese version, but her English, Chinese, and Taiwanese voice actors are left uncredited.

In What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!? 2's Downloaded Story, NO MORE CHRISTMAS!, Badmella is also a Level ??? Swordswoman, appearing on the third and final stage. Her title is "Princess of the Underworld".


Badmella in No Heroes Allowed!.

In No Heroes Allowed! VR, Badmella is a meek young girl with pale pink skin and light purple hair tied with a butterfly hair clip. She has black eyes with white pupils, a nondescript nose, and pointy ears. She wears a black gothic dress with a red bow, leading down to black pointed boots. She also wears a cuff on her left arm.

In No Heroes Allowed!, Badmella is shown to have a similar outfit to Badman's. She has pallid skin and purple hair tied with a flower hair pin. Like Badman, she has a stave with a skull on top, and a black vest with a gem on it, which drapes down like a dress.

In A Day Without A Badman, Badmella has a significantly different design to her later iterations, looking more like a school bully. She wears a large cardigan, has longer and rougher-looking hair, and distinctive fangs. Her ears are also pointed like an elf's. While she has a staff, she doesn't hold it all the time; in NO MORE CHRISTMAS!, she is revealed to be chiefly use her staff as a sword, beating monsters over the head with much prejudice.


Badmella is a "rotten child", being almost narcissistic in attitude, even disrespecting the God of Destruction with chastising remarks. For example, she addresses the God of Destruction as "pickaxe", rather than Badman's more respectful "My Lord". She spends much of her time texting and emailing her friends, using "textspeak" in common speech. She is also childishly psychotic, having a naïve love of blood and violence, cheering and taking in the atmosphere whenever a hero is taken down. Quick to anger, she executes her subjects for extremely petty reasons, as implied in the Monsterpedia entry for the WRPG Slimemoss where she is said to have executed monsters for using her perfume. Likewise, she also asks the God of Destruction to summon a Phantom Lady for her to bully. Should execution be unfeasible, Badmella will curse subjects with mild inconveniences, such as seeing the price drop on an item in a shop the day after buying it.

Being a teenager, Badmella is extremely impulsive: She is easily swayed by jewellery because of her aspiration to be a celebrity like Jessica, as shown in A Day Without A Badman when she is easily subdued by the offerings of a Reaper Necklace. She is also self-centred, initially fearing Siesta Lizards to the point of banning their use in her army before changing her mind when they are revealed to be useful to her. This also applies to her attitude towards the God of Destruction, where she will only begin respecting it when something personal is done for her; otherwise, she will insult and berate it until it goes away.

Despite her love for all things gory, Badmella's Almanac entry shows her reputation doesn't quite meet her personality. She's allegedly laughed at and needs to work on her "stern looks, her winning cackle and her plan for world domination". This implies she isn't taken as seriously as she would like.


Presumably, Badmella has similar levels of power to Badman—the ability to morph nature to her will and summoning a God of Destruction—but this has never been demonstrated throughout the series. On several occasions, she has been revealed to be strong, but not invincible: In NO MORE CHRISTMAS!, Badmella is weak enough to be defeated in battle against Badman and the God of Destruction, being brought down by a horde of monsters; given her stats, however, she is at least on-par with heroes like Bruto and Heroman. She is also capable of using blue Volcano magic, among the strongest skills in the series. On the other hand, despite not being encumbered like Badman after summoning the God of Destruction, Badmella is not capable of defending herself against heroes. In A Day Without A Badman, she has to be defended by the God of Destruction and can still be dragged away in a sack. After coming to Badman's aid in No Heroes Allowed!, she still requires this same defending, and is shown to be just as capable of dying from being hung as Badman does. Whether this is due to her age or Badman lying about the power of the Diabolos species is unknown.


What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!?

In Challenge 6: Less Than Meets the Eye, Badman mentions that his daughter is sick and needs Slimmando Moss as fast as possible to heal her.

What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!? 2

Badmella's design in A Day Without A Badman.

Badmella appears in What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!? 2 under the name Daughter, with a radically different design to her later iterations. After defeating AAA, AAB, and ABC in Overlord Castle, Badman shows concern about Badmella worrying about him, returning to his chamber. In the ending sequence, she can be seen looking over Badman's conquered land with him, waving at the screen as it fades out.

In the Downloaded Story A Day Without A Badman, Badman asks the God of Destruction to defend Badmella while he supervises the development of an anti-aircraft weapon to use against the heroes. While she protests, Badman offers her a Reaper Necklace in return, wherein her desire to be a celebrity like Jessica kicks in and she cooperates. While being defended, she will make the God of Destructions fulfil certain conditions; otherwise, she will leave the dungeon to be captured. These range from not summoning Siesta Lizards, which she's scared of, or summoning a Phantom Lady for her to bully. Seeing the God of Destruction's performance, she begins spreading rumours about the dungeon for thrills, but later orders them to raise an army quickly so she doesn't miss the final episode of her favourite show, Triplet Peaks.

In NO MORE CHRISTMAS!, Badmella appears as the final boss of the story, acting as a Swordswoman, after asking for a present.

No Heroes Allowed!

Badmella's design in No Heroes Allowed!.

After bringing down Ludgala Tower, Badman is left severely wounded to the point of near-death after the heroes he conquered rebelled against him. Badmella fills in for him while he recovers as her and the God of Destruction set out to bring down Castle Noneim. Once the final hero ******* is defeated, Badman is resurrected and definitively conquers the new world. With the surface world thoroughly conquered, Badmella flies into the night on a swing manned by Omnom Flies, watching her father terraform the land in his likeness atop a Mara.

No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either!

Badmella plays a supporting role in No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either!, assisting Badman with his conquest over the dungeon. She sometimes speaks while the opposing hero enters, but does little else. This transitions into the harder Dunnn-Da-Dun-Dun-Dungeon mode the game offers.

No Heroes Allowed! VR

Much like in No Puzzles Either, Badmella plays a passive supporting role, talking to the God of Destruction and pressuring them to work harder. She does, however, express passive appreciation for their efforts, even saying she would be sad to see them leave after the world is conquered.

In-Game Descriptions

What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!? 2


Christmas emote
"We're having dinner, so you can just act like a brat!"
- Princess of the Underworld Badmella Level ?

In this stage, Badmella is a Swordswoman.

HP 427
MP 666
ATK 220
DEF 79
RES 71

No Heroes Allowed!

  • Taxonomy: Diabolos
  • Sex: Little Lady
  • Special Skills: Cursing

Daughter of Overlord Badman, all before her tremble with laughter. Her dream is to be crowned Miss Underworld, but she needs to brush up on her stern looks, her winning cackle and her plan for world domination first.

ATK Secret
Phys DEF Mega
Mag DEF Insane

No Heroes Allowed! VR

Badmella in the Nethergarden.

Badman's impish daughter looks out for Number One, but is the self-titled Princess of the Netherworld hiding a softer side? (probably not.)
Hobbies: Plotting
Skills: Cursing people
Attitude: Imperious


Early designs for Badman and Badmella as seen at Game Creator's Conference 2018.

In a presentation about No Heroes Allowed! VR at Game Creator's Conference 2018, early concept art shows a design for Badmella with longer hair and a different skirt. It also shows a significantly different Badman design, reflecting the older titles.


In other languages

The name "Badmella" is unique to the English releases; in East Asian releases, she is merely known as "Daughter", using the generic term.

Language Title Meaning
Japanese ムスメ
Mandarin Chinese
(Traditional Script, Taiwan[2])
Mandarin Chinese
(Simplified Script, Mainland China[3])


The "Mark of Shame" trophy.
Badman & Badmella artwork from the Famitsu website.


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