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The People's Pick, the Pickaxe most commonly associated with a God of Destruction.

The God of Destruction (JP: 破壊神) — abbreviated as G.O.D in No Heroes Allowed! VR — is the player's character and a staple of the Badman franchise.


Across the series, Badman will use all his power to summon the God of Destruction, resulting in him being weakened and requiring protection. Manifesting as a pickaxe, the God of Destruction will immediately begin digging through the soil. Because it's invisible to heroes and cannot interact with them, the God of Destruction attacks by summoning easily-influenced monsters instead, forming an army for Badman. This ability is subject to the God of Destruction's Dig Power though, so only the most intelligent of them will succeed for the dictator.

The Netherworld Exterminator Zupreme

In No Heroes Allowed! VR, the God of Destruction inhabits the PlayStation VR headset instead, with Badmella referring to them as "goggles". In practice, however, the purpose of the pickaxe is replaced by the Netherworld Exterminator Zupreme, which bestows many new abilities, such as sucking monsters up and making Magic Circles to summon the runeborn.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 破壊神
God of Destruction
Mandarin Chinese
(Traditional Script, Taiwan)
Pòhuài Shén
Destructive God, "God of Destruction"
Mandarin Chinese
(Simplified Script, Mainland China)
Pòhuài Shén
Destructive God, "God of Destruction"


God of Destruction ratings in Daily Challenge.
  • In No Heroes Allowed!, Daily Challenge rates Gods of Destruction on their Barbarity, Urgency, Fiendishness, Cunning, and Evil Genius.
  • Dialogue in the games imply that there can be more than one God of Destruction; this can be seen at play in Badman & Badmella.

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