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For an overview of the eponymous franchise, see Badman (franchise).

Badman, known only as Overlord (JP: 魔王) in Japan, is the main character from the series, a diabolos (JP: 魔族, mazoku). He has a daughter named Badmella. In the games, Badman uses all of his power to summon a God of Destruction to assist in conquering the world, but weakens himself to the point of only being able to give advice, forcing the god to protect him from invading heroes while he restores it. This relationship between the god and the overlord means Badman being brought to the surface is game over in most titles. In No Heroes Allowed! VR he is voiced by Tomokazu Seki in the Japanese version, but his English, Chinese, and Taiwanese voice actors are uncredited.


Badman as he appears prior to No Heroes Allowed! VR

Badman is a thin, vampiric character with palid pinkish-white skin, dark purple hair, and usually wears a dark purple (or prior to No Heroes Allowed! VR, black) cloak. He has purple eyes with white pupils, a sharp nose, and pointed teeth. He also wears a dark purple cape over this cloak. He also wears black spiked gothic bands and has sharp purple nails. However, prior to No Heroes Allowed! VR, he had black eyes with red pupils. Finally, Badman has pointed shoes.

Badman always holds a stave with a skull on top, showing his ability to use magic. When struck against the floor, it can spontaneously grow vegetation around hero structures.


True to his name, Badman is a stereotypical card-carrying villain. He is egotistical, insufferable, power-hungry, and very flamboyant. He is unabashedly honest about his intentions, even to the heroes, preaching how he wishes to subjugate the world and have it under his foot. He also has a very dry sense of humour, something that takes hold over much of the No Heroes Allowed! franchise. The reason he wants to conquer the world is never expanded on at-length, but are often implied. He often expresses extreme, vitriolic hatred for heroes, and likes to remodel at least some of the landscape with his visage. Additionally, when he conquers the world, he terraforms the scenery to be more natural, removing man-made structures, implying he may have a distaste for industry.

As a leader, Badman is shown to be ruthless, imprisoning heroes in the Mines and often expressing his joy in having the world under his foot. The Almanac entry for the Waterantula in No Heroes Allowed! states he sent them to have part-time jobs in hell for treason. Badman is also shown to be very vain, terraforming Castle Noneim in his image, having his face on the battle flag, and constructing his bases with his visage as a central feature. Additionally, the Almanac entry for the Shin Dragon in No Heroes Allowed! states that Badman's castle is made of Shin Dragon Eggs, which are said to be expensive. He will also frequently ramble about his past exploits, as well as occasionally allude to his ancestors. While a brutal leader, Badman remains a capable and persuasive negotiator, with the Almanac entry for the Brown Widow claiming he persuaded them to join his army after they began overrunning the sewers. Thus, while cruel, he is capable of diplomacy when he sees benefit to himself; it is reasonable to call him manipulative.

However, despite his extreme ego, Badman is not immune to moments of vulnerability. When losing or otherwise in a negative position, he is willing to take a father role to teach the God of Destruction where they are going wrong; he can do this in various tones, be it ones of frustration or care. It appears that this extends to his parenting, given Badmella's love for her father and only really complaining about him for reasons one may see as petty. It's possible to stun Badman into silence, as seen when Overlord Castle is bombed in What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!? 2. In these scenarios, he can even become depressed and dejected, requiring the God of Destruction's encouragement to keep going. Building on this seeming insecurity, in No Heroes Allowed! VR, the Monsterpedia entry for the Omnomnompupa claims he's willing to be subjected to humiliation on live TV if it helps him become popular. He's also shown to be chivalrous, with the Almanac entry for the Princess stating that while he could kidnap her, he explicitly chooses not to, stating he's "above such tactics".


Badman is implied to have untold levels of power, though this is rarely shown due to his condition after using all his power to summon the the God of Destruction to his world. After doing this, he is left inept and unable to amass even a slight struggle against incoming heroes, only thrashing around when being dragged away by heroes; in the Almanac, he is often described as "only capable of babbling incessantly", among other things. When he regains his power, Badman is shown having moments of strength, such as when he throws the King out of his castle in a pool of blood in What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!?. Plus, Badman can spawn swathes of nature by merely striking his staff at the ground, turning the world of What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!? and What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!? 2 into putrid, purple grass messes, and remodelling the world of No Heroes Allowed! in his image.

Badman is by no means invincible; in fact, on his own, he is quite weak, having to summon the God of Destruction to raise an army due to his own inability to conquer the world solo. He has expressed pain, and after conquering Ludgala Tower, he is directly hit by an explosion and is brought to the brink of death; however, the ability to survive such a strike can be considered a feat. Badman can be killed through hanging, as shown in Castle Noneim and Badman & Badmella, in as soon as 30 seconds.


What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!?

In the first game, Badman summoned a God of Destruction to help him conquer the kingdom he inhabited. While thwarted by heroes such as the persistent Shota and powerful Heroman, they are nevertheless defeated, allowing Badman to invade the surface with his monsters and conquers the kingdom, throwing the King out of his castle in a pool of blood. He then offers the God of Destruction to play through "What Did I Not Do to Deserve This, My Lord!?", the game's hard mode. Badman and the God of Destruction conquer the world for a second time, defeating inhumanly strong heroes, chief among them the mysterious AAA.

What Did I Do To Deserve This, My Lord!? 2

Overlord Castle at its peak.

Some time after his conquest, Badman summons a God of Destruction — either the same from before or a new one, though his Almanac entry implies it's canonically the former — to help him conquer more lands to form his Grand Badman Empire, starting with Van Gehrig. As more lands are annexed, Overlord Castle gradually rises outside of the sea, gaining power and influence over the continents. Eventually, he arrives at Industria, met with returning heroes like Rook, before eventually meeting and defeating Bruto, leaving him as the absolute ruler over the new world. Badman celebrates as the credits begin to roll, though Bruto's last words left an impression on him.

Overlord Castle, conquered by the heroes.

True to Bruto's words, the heroes soon rebel, flying a "Congratulations" flag before bombing Overlord Castle. It's destroyed in brutal fashion, so much so that the world glitches for a moment. Victorious against an unguarded castle, the heroes place a flag atop of the Netherworld Monument, symbolising their accomplishments. Badman, stunned into silence, rebels with the encouragement of the God of Destruction, storming the Castle Gate, Castle Garden, and eventually the castle itself. Fighting endless revived heroes he had defeated over the story—including past adversary Heroman—and eventually kicking AAA, AAB, and ABC out of his fortress, Badman leaves to reclaim his castle. In doing so, he chases away the King and Princess, wherein the King is struck with a Jumbomoss dropped by a Rivaless Omnom Fly, instantly killing him. Upon the Princess's resistance, a Lilith shoots and kills her with a magic missile, securing Badman's status as the absolute ruler of the world, for real this time.

No Heroes Allowed!

The game starts with Badman reigning over the land from What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!? 2, enjoying his current situation. However, he finds an old switch that previous Overlords left behind in his domain. Once pulled, the screen zooms out, revealing that he is only ruling a small amount of land and there is still more to conquer. This new land has two towers of importance: Dundadundunduuun Tower and Ludgala Tower, and a mountain with the perfect indentations to be reformed in his likeness. Not satisfied with how peaceful the place is, Badman sets out to conquer the new world alongside the God of Destruction, beginning with Dundadundunduuun Tower. After Maxwell's defeat, Badman sets his sights on Ludgala Tower, repeating the process. Adi and his motley crew of Iron Men fail to hold Ludgala Tower, allowing Badman and his army to come to the surface and seize control.

After conquering Dundadundunduuun Tower and Ludgala Tower, Badman and his army celebrates as Badmella approaches the horizon of her father's new conquest. However, a heroic rebellion ensues, the towers are bombed by planes, and Badman is struck in the process. The heroes establish Castle Noneim, a pure white castle with strong heroes fortifying it. With Badman the brink of death, Badmella steps in to continue the campaign while the underworld's "best unlicensed witch doctors" heal her father.

Badman riding a Mara in the ending sequence.

Eventually, the God of Destruction and Badman's army defeats ******* and conquers the castle. Badman comes back from the brink and finishes the campaign with his renewed strength. As the era of Badman begins, he is seen flying atop a Mara, terraforming the land in his likeness as his monsters live their lives on the overgrown surface world. Villages overrun with foliage and the heroes rueing the day his army took over the world, Badman looks upon his new land with a smirk, flying into the night.

Yūsha no Kiroku Ver.(Ke)

Badman conquering a planet.
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Badman sets his sights on conquering the universe. Starting with Hajime and ending with Lassbos, Badman ends up conquering all the planets in his galaxy.

Yu-Nama: The Puzzle

The game begins with Badman accidentally pulling a lever, akin to the beginning of No Heroes Allowed!, prompting an endless Hero Rush to strike his dungeon. Badman enlists the help of the God of Destruction to fight them all off, ending with *******'s defeat and allowing Badman to take over the world unopposed.

No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either!

In No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either!, Badman once again recruits the God of Destruction to help him conquer the Dungeon. After defeating ******* once again, Badman offers the God of Destruction the opportunity to conquer the more difficult Dunnn-Da-Dun-Dun-Dungeon as well. After enslaving heroes to the mines and fusing powerful monsters, Badman once again becomes the supreme ruler of the land.

No Heroes Allowed! VR

In No Heroes Allowed! VR, Badman calls the God of Destruction into Badman's Lair as a pair of googles instead of its usual The People's Pick form. He has the God of Destruction assist him in conquering a new world by raising the Dark Tower from under the earth and having his army attack above ground. After eventually taking down the Pandoro Castle, he claims his ownership over the world as the Final Castle materialises in the centre of the map, attempting to ignore it. After acknowledging and entering this glitched nation, Badman's army eventually triumphs, putting the corrupted heroes down for good.

In-Game Descriptions

What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!?

S37878 psp 37.jpeg
  • Taxonomy: Diabolos

Where did he come from? How long has he been here? What if his favorite color? Nobody has the answers to these questions. What we do know is that he is the one responsible for summoning the God of Destruction to this world.


What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!? 2

  • Taxonomy: Diabolos
  • Sex: Unknown
  • Age: Unknown

He was once the ruler of the entire world, until new continents sprung out of nowhere. His kingdom houses vast fortunes, and now new bands of heroes have taken up the charge of raiding Overworld Badman's home and bringing him to justice. He is also the one responsible for summoning the God of Destruction to this world once again.

HP Unknown
ATK Secret
DEF Firm
RES Amazing

No Heroes Allowed!

  • Taxonomy: Diabolos
  • Sex: Unknown
  • Age: Unknown

Lord of the Underworld, all before him tremble. Spends his time plotting world domination in the bowels of the earth. He may look like he's standing there doing nothing, but actually he's pretty important, so it would be quite bothersome if he were to be captured by the heroes. Not a morning person. Having used up most of his power summoning the pickaxe-wielding God of Destruction, he barely has the strength to do anything except jabber incessantly.

ATK Secret
Phys DEF Mega
Mag DEF Insane

No Heroes Allowed! VR

Badman's Nethergarden model.
HP: ???

The Lord of the Underworld, free from the bowels of the earth at last. Having spent his power on summoning the G.O.D., he barely has the strength to do anything but jabber incessantly, much to the annoyance of his peers.

Development & Localisation

Early designs for Badman and Badmella as seen at Game Creator's Conference 2018.

Badman is known only as 魔王 in Japan. The name "Badman" is a pun on "Batman", being used in the original title of What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!?, Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do to Deserve This!?, infamously having to change its name when threatened with a lawsuit.

In a presentation about No Heroes Allowed! VR at Game Creator's Conference 2018, it was stated that Badman was initially intended to use his original design, but was later changed due to fear of bad first impressions. Concept art is seen that also shows an earlier design for Badmella.


In other languages

Language Title Meaning
Japanese 魔王
Demon King
Mandarin Chinese
Demon King
Korean 마왕
Demon King


Badman's name is based on Batman, possibly being named so to coincide with the original title from the first game, "Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman!", which is a reference to Robin's quotes from the 1960s Batman TV series.[1]

His name is unknown in the Japanese version, being known only as "Maou", a title that can have multiple translations such as "Overlord", "Demon Lord", and "King of Darkness".[2] Maou generally is a ruler of the mazoku species, the Overlord being one himself. His species was translated as Diabolos in English, which is a Greek word often translated as Devil.


Badman showing his little sister to the God of Destruction.


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