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Yūsha no Kiroku Ver.(Ke) (勇者のきろく Ver.(仮), lit. "Hero's Record Version (Temporary)") is a schedule management application released for the PlayStation Vita on April 2012. The servers for the title shut down on September 25, 2013 and is no longer available for download, but users are still able to use its offline functions. The 仮 in the title may be a pun on the application's function as a schedule (keikatsu in Japanese).


Yūsha no Kiroku Ver.(Ke) is an application that allowed users to memorize daily tasks and arrange plans in a themed calendar. Later updates allowed users to vinculate it with Google and Yahoo! Japan accounts, giving access to Google Maps and other features. Monsters and nutrients are created when the user completes tasks in the schedule. Heroes appear every Sunday, and they can be fought with the monsters the user obtained during the week until the Overlord is caught. New monsters were also introduced, such as Monday. The user obtains Dig Power points according to the amount of heroes defeated, and they can be used to improve the dungeon.

Support was given from release until 25th April 2013, giving out various additional features, themes, and more.


All Planet Clear screen.
M-My Lord! There's hardly any information here! Aren't you going to fix it?

Badman, Badmella, and the God of Destruction set out to conquer entire planets.

Update History

Yūsha no Kiroku Ver.(Ke)'s update history was hosted on the official PlayStation website[1].

Version 1.01

Released 31st May 2012 at 12:30.

  • Increased missions available to search for using "Search for a Keikaku".
  • Changed display priority for Official Keikaku on the map, and allowed for up to 3 to be displayed in preference to the player's.
  • Placed Keikaku no longer list the player's street address, but not retroactively, requiring players to reset to erase street addresses.
  • Corrected results sent to Twitter and made it so they are posted with the hashtag "#勇者のきろく".

Version 1.02

Released 5th July 2012.

  • Fixed bugs relating to browsing for missions.

Version 1.03

Released 8th August 2012.

  • Added functionality to open a Keikaku for a day.
  • Fixed Hero opening bug.
  • Tassei Keikaku are now displayed on Twitter.
  • Laid down groundwork for future additional content, such as themes.

Version 1.04

Released 22nd November 2012.

  • Added "Calendar Capture".
  • Added ability to sync with Google Calendar appointments.
  • Pickup location information added.
  • Laid down further groundwork for future additional content.


In a developer interview[2], Koji Tada revealed the desire to make a game that made us of the PlayStation Vita's 3G communication capabilities and its focus on being a "quality of life" product. Given the game targets growing up, and that heroes level up, the Badman franchise was chosen to be the medium in which the game is marketed, on the basis of familiarity. To circumvent the difficulty, the creation of monsters was toned down to what is seen in the game, having them be created from missions completed instead of digging a dungeon.

At one point in development, being the hero was considered, but for the sake of familiarity, and delivering the message of not being a slave to one's own ways, the idea was canned early on. Additionally, the geocaching component of the game was once larger, considering moving to locations, but this idea was significantly toned down to what is seen in the final game.



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