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No Heroes Allowed! VR, known as V! Yūsha no Kuse ni Namaiki da R (V!勇者のくせになまいきだR) in Japan, is a game from the series released for PlayStation 4 in 2017. It is the first game to be displayed in full 3D and features full voice acting for Badman and Badmella in Japanese, English, Mandarin Chinese, and Korean. The game's soundtrack was composed by Hideki Sakamoto[1], later released in CD form as V! Yuusha no Kuse ni Namaikida R: Shinsekai Cantabile.


No Heroes Allowed! VR is played from a tabletop perspective in Virtual Reality with Real-Time Strategy gameplay. Rather than dig underground and summon monsters with blocks, the God of Destruction takes a far more direct approach using the Netherworld Exterminator Zupreme; placing Nests to spawn monsters, using G.O.D Skills to direct them to siege locations, and even sending down lightning bolts to halt the heroic advance. Additionally, mutation as a concept is removed. However, as usual, an ecosystem must be maintained to succeed, monsters can still be upgraded, and other qualities true to the series remain. When an area is cleared, rather than have every monster lose their upgrades, they are retained for future use. The game also introduces new monsters, such as Gargoyles. Given the lack of pickaxes and thus their skills, No Heroes Allowed! VR provides the God of Destruction with completely new skills, offensive and defensive.


No Heroes Allowed! VR received a somewhat mixed reception. Game reviewers generally praised its high production value, strategic depth, and humour, but criticised the somewhat lacking info delivery, repetitive gameplay, and short length. Pushsquare rated the game 7 out of 10, appreciating the game's strategic depth and humour but criticising the price and length[2]. The game received a "mixed" score of 73 on Metacritic, with reviews praising its visuals, industry reference jokes, and unique gameplay, but users criticise the mundane upgrade system, lack of controller compatability, and short story[3]. PlayStation Lifestyle rated it 7 out of 10, praising the high production value and humour but criticising the lack of information on the monster ecosystem and slightly repetitive nature[4].



In other languages

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In East Asian languages, aside from in Mainland China, the game stylises "VR" around the title.

Language Title Meaning
Japanese V!勇者のくせになまいきだR
V! Yūsha no Kuse ni Namaiki da R
V! Even though the hero is crazy, he keeps coming R
Mandarin Chinese
(Traditional Script, Taiwan[5])
V! Yǒngzhě shízài tài xiāozhāng R
V! The hero is really too arrogant R
Mandarin Chinese
(Simplified Script, Mainland China[6])
Yǒngzhě jiù ài shuǎ xīnjī VR
Heroes just love playing tricks VR
Korean ?

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